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Volunteers Needed for Film Festival! 
09:28pm 24/04/2008
mood: artistic
Hope this post is allowed here. Mods, please let me know if it isn't.

Hi everyone!

I am the volunteer coordinator for the San Francisco International Black Film Festival. We are looking for some high energy, enthusiastic, creative, and fun volunteers for our 10th annual festival that is coming up (June 4-15th). Please email me if you are interested. Our first volunteer meeting will be Tuesday, April 29th 2008 at 6:30pm at Sheba Lounge 1419 Fillmore St. San Francisco, CA Light snacks will be provided. And really, who doesn't like free food?
PLEASE RSVP  by email
Check the website at www.sfbff.org for more information. We look forward to working with you.

PS, pass on the word. If you aren't interested or won't be in the area, perhaps you know of someone that would love to do this.

Up Coming Film Festival. BE THERE! 
09:05am 04/10/2007
mood: artistic

The Ohio State University's Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity will host a Film Festival from November 27 to December 1, 2007 in Columbus, Ohio. The festival will be comprised of films that approach the topic of race in a variety of life and policy dimensions and make use of a structural portrayal of race and racism (i.e., not focusing solely on individualist perspectives).

The overall goal of the Film Festival is to illustrate structural racism in a myriad of forms through a medium that will not only reach a broader audience, but also has the ability to transform the way activists, academics, policymakers, and other interested individuals talk about and do work around race and other issues of social justice. We hope to demonstrate how film as a communication tool can help us to examine, rethink, and change our ideas about race and racism. For this reason, we have selected films of both domestic and foreign origin that deal with issues such as race, gender, class, identity, image, politics, education, and other social and structural forces that intersect to shape the lives of us all. Each film will be preceded by a short introduction and followed by a question and answer period fielded by a panel of acclaimed scholars and/or activists with expertise in areas related to the subject matter of the film. On Friday evening, there will be a Keynote Address given by Danny Glover and Felix Justice.

The Film Festival will be held in conjunction with a national conference hosted by the Kirwan Institute entitled Toward a Transformative Agenda around Race. The conference will challenge scholars, activists, and practitioners to explore ways of talking about and doing around race that underscores our linked fate as people and facilitate bridge-building and coalition formation across racial, ethnic, and even ideological differences. This emphasis on using racial analysis, discourse, policy and practice to draw people together for constructive, proactive purposes, and to actually enact our commitments, is at the heart of what we mean by a transformative agenda around race.

A website dedicated to the conference & film festival will be coming soon!

11:11pm 25/02/2007

f-stop printing 
09:36pm 02/01/2007
  Have been thinking about f-stop printing. What do you think of it? It makes sense to me. Might get one of these.  
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NYC processing 
01:24pm 21/11/2005
  I need a little help finding somewhere to get some film processed. I have just taken my Holga out for a play for the first time and want to find out how it all turned out. Ordinarily this might not prove to hard as I do have a darkroom at home. However, I am on holiday so my darkroom is a few thousand miles away and besides it is also colour film. So, I require recommendations of somewhere to get 120 colour film processed in New York City.  
Omega Help 
08:02pm 15/11/2005
  I'm the darkroom tech at my school and we're haveing issues with our enlargers.

We own Omega Universal 4x5 Variable Condensor Enlargers. It seems that ALL the newer models have "split" focusing when printing bigger than 11x14. Split meaning that half the image is in focus with the other half off. My teacher/co-worker was a lab tech for 15yrs. and he's clueless as to what's wrong and how to fix it. Our local retailer can't help and I have yet to contact a human being over at Omega Headquarters.


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08:20pm 23/10/2005
for a few months now ive been in a school darkroom and ive been developing photos. ive noticed on the web that many people post their photographs with dark, raw black borders. how do i achieve this? does it have to do with a negative carrier? id love for someone to explain how they do this. thank you.
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color processor fumes 
03:46pm 28/09/2005
  Can anybody cite me any specific studies or instances indicating that working in an unventilated room with a color processor is a Really Bad Idea?

My school is doing this to us [renovation gone wrong and waaaaay behind schedule, so venilation systems are not complete], and I was so sick when I got home last night.

[forgive the x-posting if it affects you, but I know how dead to comments some of these comms are!]
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Blacking out 
11:35pm 29/08/2005
  Anybody have suggestions for blacking out two windows? I just inherited a darkroom setup and I'd like to get it going at home, but the only room I can use has two very large windows that have to be blacked out (even at night, there's too much light in the room).  
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04:28pm 01/08/2005
  I'm wanting to set up my own darkroom, but the places I can only have well water. Can I do this, or will the well water ruin the process?  
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Enlarger Opinions 
08:27pm 10/07/2005
mood: awake
What B&W/Color enlargers do you use?

What brand do you consider to be the best? Why?

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09:34pm 28/06/2005
  I'm setting up a home darkroom, and while I have no problem getting the materials, there's the issue of safety. I don't own the house, so the only room available to use happens to have the water-heater and furnace in it. The chemicals (c-41 and ra-4) would be set up away from the heater and furnace. Still, the homeowner wants to know if there's a possibility that the chemicals could catch fire because of the two appliances? I've searched through Kodak and they don't answer anything. Thank you!  
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big photographic news 
12:49pm 20/06/2005
  the horror.
the horror.

the dirty details

another reputable newssource prints it.

will this prompt a public outcry for fine art materials support?

a dying art.

x posted.
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08:34pm 10/06/2005
  hello all. I'm setting up a darkroom in my house and i'm so very excited about it. i'm interested in any advice any of you would be willing to offer. I'd really like to hear what you have to say about this and some of the challenging things about it. also...PICTURES of your own darkrooms would also be very very helpful to me.  
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07:09pm 01/06/2005
  Where would I look to find developing times for 400APX film in kodak chemicals? I am so confused.

Y=0,65? HUH??!?!
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Irons, Presses, and Soap 
01:11pm 23/05/2005
mood: busy
Hi Divas and Divos,

I'm the darkroom assistant for my college. Does anyone know how to clean the goo off of tacking irons and mount presses? B&H has a "special expensive" cleaner but can I buy something similar at Home Depot. Also, does anyone have a certain soap or method to wash their hands after working in the lab? I can't stand walking out smelling chems in my skin.

Thanks all,

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Howdy Folks 
11:17am 20/05/2005
mood: energetic
Hello. My name is Cassie.

I'm new, obviously.

I am taking advanced black and white photography in school *which would be my 3rd year* plus some ind. study.

I'm so in love with the darkroom.. photography... art.. anything with photography.

I'm just saying hi.. I guess. Soon I shall put some pictures on here..

04:16pm 23/03/2005

I printed this 35mm neg at 20"x30" and put it in a show and won an "anonymous patron to the arts" award. nice to get free money. :)
04:15pm 23/03/2005
we could talk all day about the subject matter being ugly, but i think the photograph itself, lighting and composition are really interesting.
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10:51pm 16/03/2005
  tri-ess is closing. does anyone know of any other places to get photo/plate-etching related chemicals?  
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