Sarah D. (curlsue24) wrote in darkroom_divas,
Sarah D.


I'm wanting to set up my own darkroom, but the places I can only have well water. Can I do this, or will the well water ruin the process?
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If you're doing black & white, well water ought to be fine unless your water has a very high mineral content. If you're worried about particulates, you can get an on-faucet filter that should take care of that. I know some folks insist on filtered or distilled water, but I've used both well and tap water without problems.

The only thing I might do is buy some distilled if you need to mix chemicals. I use distilled to mix up my developer even tho I'm on city water. And I know with alt process chemicals [cyanotype, etc] it's especially important that the water not have any metallic content.